Website Marketing


There are lots of experts in SEO (search engine optimisation) PPC (google adwords) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

Which one should you do? Should you do them all? Should you use different providers for each? How can you interlink them? Should social media form a part?

The answer is YES.? A balanced, affordable, results driven, TRANSPARENT and accountable Website Marketing campaign has to work.  Recently, I received a quote from a large Sydney provider of SEO and SEM.  The proposal was 22 pages, and it was 14 pages of corporate fluff before you even got to the facts for the clients proposal.

There is much to know, of course, but honestly, it all comes down to the competition.  Your business and your website marketing competes with your competition in your geographic area.  Its as simple as that.  If you want to out rank them, our outperform them, or outsell them, you and your website have to form a partnership, and then join a team that will allow you to grown your own skills as you do your SEO, PPC and SEM.

Simply paying some company to do the “magic” wont make your business successful.  You have to understand and direct your business.

That’s where SEO PPC SEM (part of the Website Essentials team) come into play.  We deliver the real facts, the real numbers and in the real market place that you occupy.  That’s the first step.  Then when you have this real information, choosing a highly productive and cost effective SEO or PPC provider is easy…

Looking for the best in Website Marketing?  Tick one big box off right now.  No fluff, no bother, just the facts.

Contact Website Essentials on our toll free National Number or if its out of hours send an email to and the first available staff member will get back to you to put you on the path to sustainable success on search engines.